On Tuesday at BuzzBrews on Lemmon Avenue, Dallas Voice and Jack E. Jett hosted a “Freedom of Speech” powwow where y’all could speak truth to power and test the limits of the First Amendment.

The best speaker was 17-year-old Jacqueline Garrison, above, who read a letter she wrote to Ted Haggard. Garrison is a former Coloradoan who sat in the New Life Church pews during Haggard’s reign.

Here’s her letter in its entirety.

Dear Ted,

When I see your face on TV, I remember a picture tucked away somewhere of you holding my little brother when he was a baby. New Life Church. A new life, cradled in your arms, the same arms that would cradle a man half your age in the ultimate act of hypocrisy. But this letter isn’t about your scandalous affairs, Ted.

No, this letter is about what you and your church did to me and my family, and ever other person who sat through one of your sermons. Worse than doing meth, worse than male prostitution, you brought everyone who listened into your own spiritual confusion every time you preached.
You did not know God, you did not know love, and worst of all, you did not know yourself. We all looked to you for guidance, and maybe we should blame ourselves for being so naïve. But Ted, you have done your fellow human beings a great disservice. And I do not pity you because you still fail to recognize the true wrongs you have committed. You have violated, raped, retarded, and confused the precious faith that we were all capable of.
Should I pray now for your salvation? Or should I pray instead that there be a Hell so that in your final hours you’ll beg for forgiveness, and God will turn a blind eye and the demons will rise up to collect what’s theirs, tear apart your limbs and drag you screaming to where you belong. And when you arrive, Satan himself will greet you at the door and say, “This is your new life Ted. It’s going to be hot, it’s going to be painful, and it’s going to last forever.”

Best of luck,

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