Marc Solomon

When Marc Solomon, campaign director for Freedom to Marry, was in Dallas on his book tour last fall, he said the office furniture was being sold and the organization would close since marriage equality had been achieved.

Feb. 29 is the organization’s last day of business.

Freedom to Marry today launched a new website that will serve as a central resource for telling the story of the marriage movement while providing lessons and materials for other organizations, movements and causes. The website is part of Freedom to Marry’s strategic wind-down, which also includes an oral history project hosted at UC-Berkeley, the donation of archives to Yale University, and an upcoming film by Eyepop Productions to be completed in spring 2016.

“With the fulfillment of Freedom to Marry’s singular goal of winning marriage nationwide, we knew we had a responsibility to compile, document, and archive the history and resources, tell the story, and share the lessons of the movement, strategy, and campaign that brought about this historic transformation and triumph,” said Evan Wolfson, founder and president of Freedom to Marry. “Every one of our staffers who was a part of the win spent time organizing archives and writing in-depth analyses of the numerous components of the campaign. These resources, and many more, will be on the new enduring Freedom to Marry legacy website. They will be available to all who seek to apply the Freedom to Marry model and campaign lessons to other work still ahead.”