2photoLast Thursday was Dallas’ most fashionable day of the week — perhaps the year. On the heels of DIFFA the previous Saturday, three fashion events spread throughout the day captured our imaginations — and monopolized our time. (You can link to photos from all of the events here.)

It  started in the morning with the cancer fundraiser Dress 4 Yellow, a luncheon and runway show at the Adolphus Hotel. With most (but not all) fashions splashing shades yellow, it was a canary-like kick off to spring.

The only men’s fashions to walk the catwalk were from Nike Golf, but one of the highlights was the appearance of a cancer survivor among the male models. Two women, although cancer survivors, both showed off the fashions of the day, and all were stunning. But this event was less about fashion itself than about hope — a message spread especially poignantly during the luncheon by former NFL player Dhani Jones, dapperly decked in one of his own bowties, designed for the LiveStrong Foundation. Jones’ personal story of being touched by cancer added a serious and sobering moment to all the glam.

The afternoon benefited from beautiful weather and low winds for the outdoor “What to Wear” fashion show at Mockingbird Station. Hosted by DFWStyleDaily.com editor Lisa Petty, who led a panel commenting on the horseshoe runway of fashions available from retailers at the upscale development, it took on the theme of Las Vegas glitz, with the panel commenting on trends like layered necklaces and how to pack for a weekend in Vegas to maximize looks in a minimum of space. Plus appearances by members of FC Dallas soccer team added some beefcake. (Arnold Wayne Jones)

In the evening, fashions took wing at the Frontiers of Flight Museum, a creative and diverse range of designs turned up the heat on the runway for the annual Fashion Cited show, benefiting Legal Hospice of Texas.

Yomono tingled the audience’s senses with divine corsets while Cathy Garcia rocked a hot pink and black polka dotted fabric shown both in sexy shorts and a fitted skirt.

Hueso Outlaw showed a collection of men’s shirts, reminiscent of the short sleeved, buttoned up cowboy shirt but modernized through interesting patterns used on the shoulders and sleeves in addition to piping in a slightly contrasting color. You’ve never seen a retro flower print be so manly before.

Haggar proved that they just aren’t your dad’s clothing brand with pairs of pants in an assortment of soft colors and mint shorts. A crisp and light grey and white suit impressed in addition to a particularly hot pair of houndstooth pants topped with a simple black knit collared shirt.

Marek+Richard premiered a new collection of men’s underwear called Tropicool. In an assortment of fun colors, you could feel the freshness as models strutted it in bright briefs and trunks. One of their newer cuts introduced was an amazing lime and navy bikini that wowed. Shown with sunglasses, straw porkpies, visors and flip flops, the minimal accessories complimented the half-dressed models. A grey T-shirt with red vintage Hawaiian print sleeves looked casual cool, effortless melding two different fabrics.

Marquiel offered a collection of twill sport coats and vests. Both designs softened with long, flowing scarves, airy white pants, bare feet, strange hats, and a different flower in each lapel for a pop of color. My favorite was lavender and just smashing. Some of the felt hats looked shapeless, almost like a cowboy hat before it is steamed and formed to your head.

Futuristic in comparison, Emanuel Tobias, showed us some eccentric pieces. With a dropped crouch, a couple of the pants looked an updated take on M.C. Hammer that could be comfortable to wear at home or to yoga. One seemed to extend into a one piece jumpsuit. He also showed a black gown for men, short in the front and long in the back, and while it was beautiful paired with combat boots, it’s definitely a specialized market.

Lynette Millinery’s funky and feathery, bejeweled hats were a delight paired with gloves that punched with color.

Brooks Brothers gave us a fresh take on the tweed jacket with hints of soft, blue hues accessorized with radiant bowties and handkerchiefs that literally lightened up the normally heavy fabric.

Solodky’s collection of gowns were beautiful, I just wish so many of them weren’t white. A couple of them were screaming for color, but the final one was big, white and fabulous with a sparkly, silver waist.

Francisco Flores showed off his little black dress that won at the preview event back in January but it was his yellow dress that stole the show, paired with turquoise jewelry, the model swayed like a daffodil.

During Bladi Duran’s collection a model almost took a dive a la Jennifer Lawrence, but caught herself at the last minute and leveled out, gripping one stiletto in hand. The show-stopping gown had to have been his long creamy gown with a twinge of pink. It was topped with detailed peach appliqué that popped against the softer fabric beneath. The bottom had what seemed like miles fabric layered upon layer that breathtakingly resembled the oversized inside of abstract roses and moved with startling grace down the runway.  (J. Denton Bricker)