Sometimes we get CDs to review that won’t make it in print because we may not have room, too many CDs to go through, etc. Instead, I decided to invite a couple of co-workers into my office and have a go at what made it into the player. For the musical entertainment, I selected out artist, Stephen Dillard Carroll‘s Introducing…Me.”I randomly picked coworkers Kristina and Chris to stop by the office for a listen.  We clicked each song, checked out the beginning, jumped to the middle, read the press package (including three letters about himself) and everyone had their say. Snag a listen here and join the party after the jump.

Kristina (Art Dept.) I like the monotone of his voice (Ed. note: That was sarcasm by the way.). It’s cocky with an amateur twist. I don’t know. It’s bad. It’s just bad. Other commentary was made with Kristina’s body language and her not-really-dancing dance.

Chris (Account Mgr.) What I didn’t like about the album was basically everything: the album art, the blaring keyboard, the William Hung infused vocals. “I Feel Like Dancing” is probably the most well done song and that’s not saying much. It’s like George Takei and William Hung had a baby and he came out black.

Me I can appreciate anyone who takes this kind of risk and puts himself out there. Unfortunately, this misses the mark, which is a reality in this biz. Kristina hits the mark about his vocals. His range is microscopic that not much registers emotionally when he tells us to dance or wants us to empathize. Chris has a point too with the keyboards. Albeit a dance CD, the electronica here muffles any possible complexities in the song. He reaches some nice texture though on the final 11th track “Shine.” In fact, Dillard-Carroll may have some actual songwriting chops. Every so often he has a smart couplet and that should grow with the right nurturing and experience. Right now, he’s mostly lost in cliche.

Stephen Dillard-Carroll
Stephen Dillard-Carroll

His letters, however, were way over the top. His CD is “set to be the must-have dance pop CD of 2009.” It isn’t. The Oklahoma based musician mentions, “in believing I’m meant for something greater than what’s in my back yard,” and that was it.

Chris’ response to that, “Isn’t that where you made the CD?” Ouch.

And that’s all for this Friday’s Listening Party.

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