This week’s Listening Party stemmed from a few options. Initially we thought we’d do the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack which would have coincided nicely with the movie’s release but  so many songs that weren’t necessarily new didn’t seem quite fair. So we decided between two smaller releases that headed my way recently. Coincidentally, it turned out to be a duel between two Canadian artists — newbie popster Anjulie and the avante-garde electronica group Fritz Helder and the Phantoms. Chris and Kristina joined me again from last time as did Ramon for his first Listening Party.

Based on the gorgeous cover art with exploding colors and cool collages, we opted for Fritz Helder and the Phantoms’ “Platinum Edition Greatest Hits” which I personally found to be the best name ever for their debut. We didn’t know what we were getting into but we do this to save you the time. Just like before, we went through every track and snagged enough listening pleasure (or not) to make a judgment call. This is how we saw it.

Fritz Helder and the Phantoms
Fritz Helder and the Phantoms

RamonIt’s very George Michael. I see True Colors 2010. The music sounds like those parties you go to in high school with all those emo kids. Some of these are good workout songs or good runway music. I can imagine Britney singing some of this. This song (“Punch Me In The Neck”) is very Ting Tings, very girl punk. I can see them playing this at Mickey’s. It’s like that old “Miami Vice” sound. It also sounds like RuPaul. I like it. What’s their name again?

ChrisIt sounds like 70s porn music or 80s infused electronica. I’m sitting on a bean bag…smoking pot… You have to be on the right drugs. I’m just sayin’. This is music  you put on at a party or definitely at an ultra lounge. It’s like glory hole music (Ed. Note: We didn’t get that either). It’s (“Fritzmania”) like the least talented Beatle doing a song. This song is on the fritz! It ended on sour grapes This is too gay for me.

RichI think I like this. It makes me wanna do the Robot. I like the party groove behind it but it’s also weird enough to repel me. Sometimes weird isn’t always interesting. What I think is refreshing is they are different for sure which is hard to come across lately. Who knew Canadians could party? Whoa, I did not expect this (“Like a Lady”). I got whiplash from that techno to country. I don’t get it but overall I can dig it.

KristinaI don’t know who it even sounds like but it’s got an 80s flair. No! Somebody had a little too much fun on the keyboard or rather the pre-programmed keyboard music.
No! It’s very Prince (to which Ramon responded, “No, it’s very Michael Jackson” Meow!). It sounds very video game, like a Nintendo. They found their sound for sure. This is taking too long for me (“Lagerfeld Lady”). I’m up for any rapping with a lisp. No! I would not listen to this again. (Ed. note: Those “no’s” were random exclamations of dismay from Miss Kristina)

We all mostly agreed that “Sex Robot” is their  best song title if not for the iTunes typo of “Punch Me In the Heck.”сайтпозиции сайта в яндексе