First we get news that Jack’s Backyard shut its doors Sunday and then we find out Best Friends Club has too. At least according to the recent smattering of these Facebook postings.

Melissa posted

I want to say “Thank You” to Scott Jones for all the years of community service and all the ways you helped the organizations and individuals who needed it. I know that because of all you have done, the Universe will be kind to you in the next phase of your life.

Carla posted:

This really sucks! I know that there was every effort made to keep this from happening….I wish that this was not true. You all will be missed. This was a”Cheers” like bar for quite a few of us…….SAD, SAD, SAD!!!!

I put a call in to owner Scott Jones for details about the club’s closing and what the future (if any) may be for Best Friends. I have yet to connect with him to discuss.

Interestingly enough, Slate just posted a six-part series today titled The Gay Bar: Its Riotous Past and Uncertain Future by June Thomas. Here is a small excerpt of today’s post asking whether gay bars are going by the wayside.

In 2007, Entrepreneur magazine put gay bars on its list of businesses facing extinction, along with record stores and pay phones. And it’s not just that gays are hanging out in straight bars; some are eschewing bars altogether and finding partners online or via location-based smartphone apps like Grindr, Qrushr, and Scruff. Between 2005 and 2011, the number of gay and lesbian bars and clubs in gay-travel-guide publisher Damron’s database decreased by 12.5 percent, from 1,605 to 1,405. Could the double whammy of mainstreaming and technology mean that gay bars are doomed?