Ok, I have never been to a Comic Con, but my two sons were thrilled to discover that there is a Dallas Comic Con, and so I agreed to take them over the weekend. My oldest son told me he couldn’t wait to go and be among what he called “my people.” It was a very interesting visit, I have to admit.

They got to meet some of the people with the USS Joshua, a local Star Trek fan club, and play with some of the SciFi weapons at that booth. They met the folks from Zeus Comics and they met the guy who did the concept art for the movie “Iron Man.”

They were thrilled to see Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbaca in the first three Star Wars movies, and they talked to a guy who played one of the rebel fighters in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Older Son posed for photos with Poison Ivy, SuperGirl, Storm and, I think, Emma Frost (I knew who SuperGirl was, and that was about it). Then they both posed for photos with a Klingon warrior and with a guy dressed up as Dr. Who (the David Tennant version), complete with sonic screwdriver.

And both boys were in overload when we went into the room where all the dealers had their booths set up. There was something at each booth, I think, that they wanted. And I admit, there are a couple of things I wanted, too!

But my favorite part of the Comic Con was getting to look at some of the amazing art work on display. Whether you like that kind of art or not, you still have to admit some of it shows oustanding talent. The photo below shows one graphic that caught my eye. It wasn’t the most amazing thing I saw, by far, but it did make me laugh!

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