I just got this letter in an e-mail from Don Dureau here in Dallas. Usually, I would just hang on to it and publish it next Friday as a letter to the editor. But this is an “immediate” kind of situation, so I am passing it along here on the blog:

The gloves are off in the Gay Marriage Issue. California and the Mormon church are in for a very rough ride.

Why would they think gay and lesbian people will sit back and allow segregation to take effect. We spent all of time, until this generation came along, in the slavery of the closet. Now they want to segregate us into states that support gay marriage and those that don’t? I don’t think so.

If there is anything I disagree with Barack Obama on it is that this is a state issue. It is not. It is an issue that must finally be decided at the national level or we will wind up with a segregated LGBT community. Even worse is the idea that some would like to see us all move to Massachusetts.

All I have to say is fat chance, homophobes. No such thing will happen. One thing I know about LGBT people is that the mistreatment we were subjected to during the Aids Pandemic toughened us as a community and instilled a resilience in us that can withstand anything. But even more so we can dish it out. So Mormons you had better put on your Joseph Smith armor, because if you think we will let a religion founded in polygamy stop us from equality in marriage, you are sadly mistaken.

It is time for all of us to take to the streets, all across this country. It is time to support our brothers and sisters in California. Dallas, let it begin here as a national effort to force gay marriage to the forefront.odnomonster.comкомпания продвижение