Hardy Haberman left this statement as a comment on another post. But I wanted to make sure people see it. The parts I have bolded are, I think, important to keep in mind:

“I spoke with Dan who owns the leather shop at the Eagle. He said the raid was not the kind of thing that happened in Ft. Worth. He specifically said the police were pretty well mannered.

He, too is not completely filled in on the details. If I hear more I will let you know. The timing, though in my opinion is suspicious, I would never assume anything until I hear from more folks. I have gotten a steady stream of calls and emails from people who want to “do something”. Doing something would be appropriate once we know what really went on. For me, I plan to be in Ft. Worth tomorrow with a few hundred close friends. The Rainbow Lounge event was apparently much different than what happened at the Eagle, but until we have all the info, it’s just a guess.”game listяндекс реклама на сайте