By Daniel A. Kusner Life+Style Editor

Hairy hunk Steve Cruz kicks off 14th annual Texas Bear Round-Up week

CARE BEAR: In Dallas, Cruz will promote his condom campaign,

Springtime — rain, allergies and when Dallas’ bear community comes out of hibernation. The 14th Texas Bear Round-Up runs March 19-22, and porn star Steve Cruz kickstarts the fur-ball fun with an appearance at Illusions on Thursday.

Cruz may resemble a bear daddy, but he’s not. Nor is he a "wolf (a muscular, hairy man who styles himself as being sexually aggressive), or a "cub" (young-ish sexually submissive pre-bear). And he’s certainly not an "otter" (cub-like in age but thin and not-so-hairy).

On Thursday, Steve Cruz appears at Illusions, 4100 Maple Ave.
March 19 at 10 p.m. • 214-252-0552

Are you a "bear" or a "wolf"? Neither, really. I’m hairy, and I love my bear-wolf-otter fans. And I love hairy men — have you seen my boyfriend, [adult performer Bruno Bond]?

Coming of age in early ’90s, all the sexual icons were smooth or shaved. In my 20s, I didn’t think my body type was attractive. But once I hit my 30s, it all started to come into focus. I started putting on muscle, and I felt more comfortable in my own skin. It helped that natural men, hairy men were being appreciated more.

If you were going to have fun with stereotypes, who’d be your ideal "cub"? The cute and funny Seth Rogan.

Your ideal "otter"? Shia LaBoeuf… woof!

Your number-one "goldilocks" (bear fag-hag)? Since she’s recently gone up a few pants sizes, Jessica Simpson.

The prevailing fashion sense of a bear is said to favor earthtones, flannel and work boots: If we went into Steve Cruz’ closet, what items would the bear community be shocked to find? Gucci shades and Astrobright underwear. I’m more a punk rocker than a flannel-and-Levi’s guy. Although I think the whole Seattle grunge thing is making a comeback. Maybe I’d wear flannel in that context.

What’s in store for the Dallas event? Sign DVDs, speak and show some skin. And I’ll promote my safer-sex condom campaign,

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition March 13, 2009.контентуподать рекламу в гугл