Last weekend, I found a history journal about Dallas at Half Price Books for $1. They had a photo essay about theaters in Oak Cliff.

The Cliff Queen, above, 610 East Jefferson, no longer stands. It’s the empty lot next to Pan-African Connection Art Gallery near Jefferson and Marsalis Ave.

Between 1880 and 1970, 34 theaters opened in Oak Cliff. But the Cliff Queen “was one of the first theaters in Oak Cliff, built and used exclusively for moving pictures. It opend about 1914 and took its name from the Queen Thetater in downtown Dallas, which opened two years earlier and was considered the premier film theater in Texas.

The Cliff Queen became a popular neighborhood house, especially for matinees, which often featured Westerns. Probably because of its local popularity, it rarely advertised in the newspaper, which made tracing its history difficult. Its the last listing in the city directory, and the building has since been demolished.”mobiles gamesgoogle реклама на сайт