Leave it to the Dyson folks to take a perfectly ordinary devise — this time, the room fan — and make it high-tech.

The engineers would probably balk at calling their fancy air multiplier a "fan:" There are, in fact, no fan blades, and that means no buffeting (the choppy air created by spinning blades). Instead, it funnels small amount of air thought a ring that gathers ambient air and shoots it out at 15 times the intake.

Who cares about the complicated mechanics, though? The point is, it’s a funky looking piece of equipment that, like many other Dyson products, is as artful to look at as to use.

There are practical advantages, like a low center of gravity, an easy-to-adjust speed setting (not just the "hi-med-lo" routine) and simple cleaning. And it tilts. Trust me, as Texas weather heats up, a fanciful fan like this is a welcome addition.

— Arnold Wayne Jones

There’s sitting and then there’s sitting. Known for their innovative massage chairs, Human Touch will debut the AcuTouch 9500 this summer, which may be the first chair to have its own app. Via Bluetooth, the HT-Connect app talks to the chair providing a variety of massages, wellness tips, personalized settings and even Espresso Shots, quickie massages when you’re on the go.

The price tag has a suggested retail price at $5,999, but can you really put a price tag on complete and utter bliss, not to mention a healthier you?

— Rich Lopez

This article appeared in Dallas Voice’s Great Spaces Magazine April 16, 2010.
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