The Gallup Organization’s annual poll of “morals and values,” released this week, has some encouraging news about us gay folks: For the first time ever, more than half  of respondents (52 percent) said they find same-sex relationships “morally acceptable” and the number saying they were “morally wrong” dropped to 43 percent. And just in time for my birthday! Thank you, randomly selected 1,000 Americans contacted by telephone representing a cross-section of the U.S., for affirming the ethics of my sexual orientation! You made all shouts of “faggot” (some, ironically, from the trans community) worth it. … (Seriously, though, this news is huge … and makes the idea that Secretary Gates wanted to “poll” the troops to see if gay people could serve openly seem like old-man prejudice rather than real-world fact).Online rpg mobile gamesспособы размещения рекламы