There’s an odd yet fascinating little article in today’s El Paso Times about the District 76 Texas House race. The incumbent, Democratic Rep. Norma Chavez, is alleging that her challenger, Naomi Gonzalez, is a lesbian. But Gonzalez is neither confirming nor denying that she’s gay. Fewer than 150 votes separated the two candidates in the primary, setting up an April 13 runoff in the district that includes most of central El Paso. Chavez claims she only brought up Gonzalez’s sexual orientation after the challenger insulted the biker community, of which the incumbent is a proud member.

“I have accepted my biker community,” Chávez said. “She needs to accept her gay community.”

In other words, you have a female motorcycle enthusiast attacking another woman for being a lesbian. And not surprisingly, commenters are suggesting that Chavez herself is a closeted lesbian, which might explain her fascination with the issue. Then, to top it all off, you have this quote from Chavez:

“I have not attacked her for being a lesbian gay woman,” Chávez said, drawing groans and some applause from the audience.

A lesbian gay woman? You mean, as opposed to a straight gay woman? Who knows, maybe Chavez identifies a straight gay woman, and she’s offended by the notion of a lesbian gay woman. Now, can someone please remind me what any of this has to do with the issues facing District 76?

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