Back in May, we published this story about an Irving woman who was arrested for allegedly setting her ex-girlfriend on fire in Bedford.

The accused, Olufunke “Olu” Whitehead, was charged with arson and had been released on bail. She called me last week to tell me she had nothing to do with the fire that critically injured Ronna Faris. Whitehead also had some accusations of her own to make.

So today, while making calls to follow up on the story, I also did an Internet search, and discovered this post on Yahoo’s Buzz! site. The page had a headline about the incident and a brief recap of a story printed in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram right after the incident occurred.

What really caught my attention at the Yahoo Buzz! page were the comments by readers. Seriously, go over to that page and read them, even just a few of them. But be prepared to either be sickened or outraged.

After reading the comments on that page, I have decided that every time I read some story online about a man injuring or killing his wife or girlfriend, I am going to post comments about how crazy and sick and twisted and deranged those crazy heterosexuals are. And I might even throw in some rude and inappropriate jokes about oral sex, just for fun.

Seriously. Go read those comments. You’ll see what I mean. Here are a couple, just for reference: “Nasty, sick freak. If someone does not want you, accept it and move on” and “What a crazy carpet muncher.”