Cruz rainbowIn the same way people mourn when their hometown sports team loses a game (not a problem yesterday with the Cowboys, thank you very much), I take it a little personally when a gay person loses, like when Clay Aiken came in second on Celebrity Apprentice, or Brokeback Mountain lost the best picture Oscar to Crash.

So, I was a little bummed when Orlando Cruz, the openly gay boxer and contender for the WBO featherweight title, lost yesterday to Orlando Salido. (At least an Orlando won.) It is a rare experience to be sad for an openly gay person in sports, but the 126-pounder went out in style — and not for his boxing prowess.

Cruz, who got engaged to his boyfriend this summer, showed his true colors — literally — at the weight-in (pictured), wearing a rainbow thong in front of the crowd and cameras. He was equally faboo with his ring trunks.

So while the 32-year-old may have missed his shot, for now, he still won a huge victory for gay rights.

And he looked hot.