The Atlanta skyline.

You can get a cheap deal on if you wanna visit the ATL … and you even have your choice of airlines.

Delta and American are matching each other and AirTran isn’t far behind with fares under $200 round trip for three-day weekends booked with 10-day advance.

And for fans of the city, there’s plenty to do when you get there. Like Dallas, Atlanta has its Pride in the fall (this year, Oct. 9 and 10), but there’s still June fun. HotLanta has plenty of gay bars and clubs, including the Eagle (like Dallas’, a popular Levi’s and leather club), Woofs (a sports bar) and my favorite — for obvious reasons — Swinging Richards, an all-male strip club. For accommodations, the Grand Hyatt offers mainstream, gay-friendly appeal, while the Chershire Motor Inn is a cruisy gay place to game for mobileпродвижение сайтов yandex