Raise your hand — how many of you know that this is Idea Week? All righty then.

You might have seen it buzzing around on Twitter and Facebook, but Idea Week is kind of a great idea which you can read more about on the link. Wednesday’s Pecha Kucha event I wrote about is one of the events throughout the week which will feature Cathey Miller and Rawlins Gilliland as presenters and repping the LGBT community. Artistic director Kevin Moriarty also reps when he speaks Thursday at the Dallas Museum of Art on the State of the Arts with DMA director Bonnie Pitman, KERA’s Jeff Whittington and Creative Time president Anne Pasternak.

Nice to see the LGBT community partake in the events going on even in a peripheral way. But I thought, we could do a little more ideating (as they call it). So I posed the question to a few colleagues around the office with no other direction: What’s you’re big idea?

Read ’em below.

“My ‘big idea’ is that, from now on, every parent, upon the birth of a child, must assert before the child leaves the hospital whether they want the child to, in the future, be allowed to marry. Yes or no. If they say YES, they must then answer whether every OTHER child born in that hospital that week should be allowed to marry in the future. They must sign a pledge to that effect. And every month, they will see what the overall voting is, and EVERY CHILD born in that hospital must abide by the results. So, if you vote yes for yourself and no for everyone else, and everyone else does the same, then NO ONE can get married from that group. And marriage means, ANYONE they choose. I think if people had to consider whether they would be comfortable forever denying their own children, and their friends, a fundamental right, they might think twice about opposing same-sex marriage.” — Arnold Wayne Jones Life+Style Editor

“How about an anonymous e-mail address or text # that goes to the counselor about bullying. Even if you are not being bullied you can email or text when you see the activity go down?” — Chris Edwards, sales rep

Classified accounts manager Chance Browning has been marinating on the idea of an app that is both forward thinking and very green. Being the theater fan that he is, he’d like to develop an app in which theaters can put their play programs on. Say you’re going to an Uptown Players show, instead of using the paper and ink, you could turn on the app, pull up the program for Closer to Heaven and click away at bios and synopses and casts. He even thinks it could work like IMDB.com or IBDB.com where clicking on the cast leads to a page with all their previous works.

My own idea revolves around music. There are lots of LGBT musicians/bands that the community may not know about. Of course, they all don’t wanna be boxed in as “gay artists” but I think it’s important for us as a community to at least know them if not, support them. My dream idea is to have a total LGBT music fest much like Austin City Limits or SXSW. Actually, a big-time, high profile music fest in these parts would be most welcome, but I think one with all LGBT artists could be an amazing experience. Imagine a weekend of concerts, even in one place/park where Elton headlines one night, George Michael another and Melissa Etheridge the final night. And everything before would be those that exist in the fringe indie markets like The Hidden Cameras or Deerhunter to more familiar bands like Tegan and Sara and Scissor Sisters. Or, at the very least, a night at a gay club which plays specifically LGBT music if only for an hour or a radio show that gives attention to these artists who are creating good work and could be getting just a bit more love from their own communities. That’s my big idea, and hope even.

“October is National Sarcasm Month and I relate to that so much more.” — David Taffet, staff writer and smart-ass

So, what’s your big idea?