Cory Weddington after attack

Dallas police are investigating reports that a gay man was attacked on April 1 in a North Dallas straight strip club.

Cory Weddington told Dallas Voice he had gone to the XTC strip club on North Stemmons Freeway with two female friends when an altercation broke out. He said waiter was the first person to hit him but that as many as five men might have been involved.

As he was leaving the club, Weddington said, the waiter was yelling after him, “Get that faggot out of here.”

Weddington said he went home after he was attacked, but when he started having a seizure, his brother took him to Baylor Hospital. He had another seizure while he was at Baylor, but was transferred to Parkland Hospital because he has no insurance. He stayed at Parkland for a day and is receiving outpatient treatment there for a broken nose, hairline fracture in his jaw and the seizure issues.

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