Earlier we posted an item on Facebook asking people to contact us if they know hard-core Dallas Mavericks fans who happen to be LGBT. We weren’t really sure what we planned to do with the info, but we figured we’d decide once we got it. As it turns out, it’s a good thing we didn’t have any big plans, because we received only one message in response to our post. It was a good one, though, so perhaps we can still make this a running game-day feature during the NBA Finals (which, by the way, begin tonight). For now, we’re declaring Maria Infante today’s winner. Maria’s partner, Jamie Lynn Fox-Infante, reports:

Dear Dallas Voice,

My partner Maria Infante Is the biggest and PROUDEST Mavs fan! She let’s it all out here on FB. She has me tweet about it. She is beyond excited that they are going to NBA Playoffs and are champs. It truly made her day that night. We are from DFW but we have to live in Houston (extended stay hotel) until September as she is getting treated for Leukemia…she’s in remission but its a long process and she tells the nurses and Dr not to schedule her on days there is a Mavs game or if they have to, to make sure she gets out by game time so she can watch! She lost a lot of weight and so one day her dad and his wife came to visit and took her to Academy for shoes and they told her to pick out some clothes if she wanted…she went and got a Dallas Mavs T and some basketball pants, and was very sad because they didn’t have a hat with velcro to match. Thats the only kind of hat she likes. LOL She loves watching the game with a good pizza and wings! She loves JJ and Dirk most and we are considering naming our first born son Dirk if we decide to try for a family someday. LOL