The victim’s door

A gay resident of the Tanglewood Condominiums on Cedar Springs Road reports that someone spray-painted “Fag” on the front door of his unit Sunday night (photo above).

The resident, who asked that his name be withheld, told Instant Tea he was hosting a get-together that evening and one of his guests noticed the graffiti as they were leaving.

The resident said whoever is responsible for vandalizing his door also spray-painted “Pussy Ass” on a vehicle in the parking lot of Tanglewood, which is not gated.

The vehicle belonged to someone who was visiting another Tanglewood resident. The owner of the vehicle called police and filed a report listing the damage to their vehicle at $1,500.

The resident whose door was spray-painted said he went to bed before police arrived on Sunday but planned to follow up by filing his own report and providing photos to police tonight. He said he was able to easily remove the spray-paint from his door, but has never before experienced anything similar in seven years living at Tanglewood.

“Everyone that lives there knows it’s a gay neighborhood, and we’ve never had any problems with tenants or homeowners,” the resident said. “I just think it’s someone stupid and trying to get attention. I don’t think it’s really motivated by dislike of homosexuals. That’s just my opinion; I could be wrong. We’re hoping that it’s isolated and a one-time thing, but we definitely want to report it and get the word out in case it happens at adjacent complexes or other buildings.”