Ranch Hand Rescue, Fannin County
Ranch Hand Rescue in Argyle has taken these sick horses from Fannin County into custody.

Bob Williams, founder of the nonprofit Ranch Hand Rescue in Argyle, is looking for some help funding his facility for neglected farm animals. And he’s hoping to get it by Saturday.

Williams said Ranch Hand Rescue is at about the $1,000 mark with a goal of $5,000. He said he and his animals are hoping to make up that difference within the next few days. The thing is, he’s been too busy saving animals to really focus on fundraising.

“We work with law enforcement and the courts and so we’ve been so busy with animal seizures and preparing the court papers,” he says. “It’s so much work.“

By seizures, Williams means obtaining animals in poor and neglected conditions. Ranch Hand Rescue handles farm animals such as horses, fowl, sheep and the like. Currently, the rescue has more than 85 animals that it’s nursing back to health or giving a serene sanctuary to live out the rest of their days. But funds to take care of this large quantity of animals are starting to come out of the rescue’s general operating fund. They were just awarded custody of five sick and malnourished horses, shown above, from Fannin County. The horses are undergoing testing to determine the rescue’s next step.

“We can get 3-4 calls a week regarding an animal,” Williams says. “The cost for the horse we took last Thursday is over a thousand and that’s with huge discounts from the vets. Medical costs are just through the roof.”

Ranch Hand Rescue has been holding a 50/50 raffle sponsored by the American Pet Spa and Resort (owned by Williams’ partner of 24 years, Marty Polasko) with the winner being drawn Saturday at 6 p.m. And if you don’t know what a 50/50 raffle is, you’re not alone. Williams explained it to me.

“So if we sell a thousand tickets at a dollar, then the winner would get $500 and the rescue would get the other half,” he said. “Of course, we’d love if the winner donates his or her winnings to Ranch Hand Rescue!”

And if they reach their goal of $5,000, well, you can do the math. Williams said he’s trying to reach out to big-city LGBT communities.

“I know our community is always supportive of animals and animals rights,” he says. “I’d like to reach out to organizations like the folks at the TGRA rodeo folks to see if they can help us raise awareness and give us exposure.”

We’re hoping for that collaboration only so they can use this as a theme. Original, nah, but still. To purchase tickets or make a donation, visit Ranch Hand’s website.