The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been running a series of ads showing a “shadow” cop observing people who have been drinking get in a car, drive and get arrested for drunken driving. (Oddly, the cop always lets them turn on the car, rather than prevent a tragedy by arresting them first. Smells like entrapment to me. Moving on …) There are several ads, including a girl-guy couple stumbling home. But I am most curious about this one, in which four … umm… “buddies” get behind the wheel. Look at the body language and the touchy-feely way they each cling to one other… and the complete absence of any women in the spot.

Is the NHTSA suggesting gays are drunks who engage in dangerous activities, including un-safe orgies? Is this just more Republican propaganda aimed at demonizing the gay community?!?!?  Of course not, don’t be ignorant. But it is kinda, well, sexy. Watch: