Republican George Clayton, a former State Board of Education member who lost his 2012 primary after being outed as gay, announced on Facebook he plans to run in House District 102 in 2014. The seat is currently held by Republican Rep. Stefani Carter of Dallas, who is stepping down to run for Railroad Commission.

“This will be a difficult challenge,” Clayton wrote. “I hope to have your support. As the days go by, look for me on YouTube at Clayton House 102. I will have much to say between now and the 2014 election, especially about education in Texas. Your support is appreciated.”

In addition to Clayton, former Dallas City Councilwoman Linda Koop, also a Republican, has announced she’s running for Carter’s seat. Koop has generally been supportive of the LGBT community on the council, attending events and the like, but she declined to take a public position on a resolution supporting marriage equality. I guess now we know why.

Clayton couldn’t immediately be reached for further comment. Read our profile of him from last year here.