I talked with Johnny Humphrey this morning about taking on the role as the Resource Center’s programs coordinator and mostly the upgrade GayBingo is getting. Starting with a few changes to this Saturday’s event, he proclaims that GayBingo is going to be bigger and better.

“I was very fortunate to come into such an established program,” he said. “Now that we’re in our 11th year, we wanted to make something fresh with it. We didn’t want to assume the status quo. I got a lot of positive feedback from our dedicated volunteers. That was important to me. So we’re claiming this year as a ‘new decade of decadence.’ That’s the unofficial tag line.”

The official one now (on their new logo) is “More gay, more fun, more fabulous,” and with the plans for GayBingo 2.0, the changes now already look to add a level of excitement.

“We’re going to be looking for talent because we want to start the night with an opening act. The DFW Sisters will be launching the new season with an opening production. Something Fabulous has been a foundation for GayBingo and so they will still perform at intermission,” he said.

A few other things include adding focus to the Granite Bar audience and making it friendlier to larger groups to participate. Where one person may have bought tickets for a whole group, instead, individuals can buy their own and reference the group they are with.

They are adding a VIP reception starting in February, which gives guests opportunities to mingle before game time and enjoy preferred seating.

Rainbow Tickets are being added which changes the game a bit for some. Six guests (pairs of two) will be randomly selected each GayBingo to get a chance upgrade their general seating to premiere. Very nice.

“We’re just looking for opportunities to be more grandiose, if you will,” Humphrey said. “I’ve been looking at that things that I can do to add and build a larger audience.”

As for tomorrow night, Humphrey admits he’s excited and a little nervous.

“I’d be lying if I said I don’t have some little flutters in my stomach. Maybe it’s the adrenaline kicking in. We have an incredible team!”

I fit into one category he’s targeting — those who haven’t been in a while. He wants those people back.

“We have to get you back in here,” he laughs. “But we do want to encourage people who haven’t participated in a while to give us the opportunity to wow the again. And plus, remind that we want them to enjoy the experience and that by attending, they are doing something great for the Resource Center.”

Well, since you put it that way.

 The Rose Room (inside S4), 3911 Cedar Springs Road. 6 p.m. $25. RCDallas.org.