Watch out Grindr and Scruff, Gaydar is hot on your heels. unveiled its new app today on iTunes. By the looks of the chart below, it should be just what dudes need to hook up, or at least make friends. Some of the options sound pretty nice. You can select what you’re looking for (to chat, to date, to, you know) and change it on a daily basis. Sometimes a guy just doesn’t want a boyfriend. You know who you are.

Anyway, check out side-by-side comparisons.

If you need a larger image, click here.

After my cohort Chance and I received the free download, we were a little sidelined by the extensive profile we had to fill out in a separate URL with information such as our names, e-mail addresses, birthdates, etc. This ends up being tedious in signing up via phone and a little too much considering Grindr and Scruff don’t require it. We took the URL to our computers to complete. After both of our usernames were approved for availability, we finished the other information, agreed to the terms and conditions and filled out the random Captcha letters to proceed. And then we kept getting messages that our name was unavailable. After a few tries, Chance gave up. I finally got through somehow, but I have to admit, I was frustrated at this point.

Once you’re in, your profile has to be approved before getting the upgrade, whatever that may be. But like Scruff, I could search Nearby and Global. I’m not too sure what the Tracks search is. Interestingly, you can set the locator to put no one closer to you than a minimum of 75 meters. Oh yeah, the meters thing. Gaydar is out of the UK and I’m not sure how far 1,056 km is, but dang that guy was cute. I kid, I kid (love you, honey!). Before you’re upgraded, you only get a few looks so I wasn’t able to explore profiles as much, but I did find that galleries are available, which is kinda nice.

But overall, there’s too much going on and I can’t say it really jived with me. And with such a frustrating log-in, quitting is a viable option. I went in for one more attempt and somehow lucked out. The bells and whistles sound nice, but hookups aren’t worth this much effort. Stick to Grindr or Scruff.