OK, we’re all used to the gays turning up on reality TV, especially cable, especially Bravo. (The next season of “Top Chef” features three gays out of 17 contestants.) And we all know we queers are creative, artsy types.

But c’mon: “Top Design” is SOOOOOOO gay. First, Dallas native Todd Oldham (gay!) is the Tim Gunn-esque mentor; there’s head judge Jonathan Adler (super gay!); recent guest judges Simon Doonan (uber-gay!) and “Flipping Out” star Jeff Lewis (crazy and gay!); and three of the four finalists this week (center in the pic above) were Nathan, Eddie and Preston (gay, gay and ga-ay!). Eddie was booted this week in favor of Ondine (fag hag!). And most hilarious of all is how Adler so blatantly has a crush on Preston — each week, I expect him to swoon whenever Preston enters the room. (I know the feeling.)

I’m not complaining, but here’s a suggestion: Let’s get the gays on a motorcycle repair show and break the fancy boy cycle. Oh, heck, I’m a theater critic — who am I to judge?game angry racerреклама в интернете цены