This alleged parade-crasher was wearing a sash that said “Miss Hap.” And the editor of the Leakey Star believes it may have been a reference to Miss Hap, a drag queen in the U.K. who has a Facebook fan page.

It happened three weeks ago, but this story is so bizarre that we couldn’t resist sharing it belatedly.

The story headlined “Gay Pride, Gay Prank or Gay Ole Time?” is from The Leakey (Texas) Star, which appears to be the “newspaper” serving a small Hill Country town west of San Antonio.

According to the story by the Star’s editor, Penny Maguire, there was an unusual entry in this year’s Fourth of July parade that featured people dressed as Harlem Globetrotters players accompanied by (gasp!) men impersonating female beauty pageant contestants. Some locals, including Maguire, now suspect the entry may have been part of a secret plot to advance the gay agenda. That’s right, only in Texas:

As Independence Day jubileers lined U.S. Hwy. 83 through rural downtown Leakey last Saturday, saluting the U.S. flag under umbrellas and pledging their allegiance to one nation under God, a controversial parade entry made an unexpected appearance. Some spectators, including Chamber Director Glenn Bradley, said the entry was ‘inappropriate.’

Parade enthusiasts are asking, “Was the popular, traditional family venue, when hometown queens, veterans, clowns, tractors, horses, and decorated trailers display the American flag, sabotaged?” “We didn’t mind the rain from tropical storm Alex, but this group rained on our Texas parade,” said one Rio Frio resident. Another spectator said the entry was ‘provocative.’ Many didn’t grasp the concept.

So, who were these participants and what was their entry theme, or was there one? Did a seemingly innocent, entertaining basketball performance by a group imitating the Harlem Globetrotters suggest subtle symbolisms of the gay pride movement? Touting a sign which read: America’s Champions, Miss America’s vs. Harlem Globe Trotters, may or may not have suggested participants were simulating a 2009 reality show (The Amazing Race) when two gay brothers competed with two Globetrotters and a former Miss America. Several of the marchers appeared to be men modeling women’s swimsuits wearing pageant banners and crowns. Homosexuals now compete in nationally acclaimed Miss Gay America competitions. Learn more

Pictured above, a male, crowned the title ‘Miss Hap’, sported a hot pink feminine bodysuit. Coincidentally, a Facebook fan page entitled ‘Miss Hap’ advertises drag queen events. Upon our investigation, other pageant banners, to include Miss Matched, Ms. Lead, Miss Cherokee and Miss Dream Catcher, interestingly linked to gay history. Superwoman is an organization that boasts support for lesbian marriages. Some spectators report women in the entry appeared to have sported patriotic superwoman attire.(