Not a really gay ceremony, considering how many closet cases were seated next to their beards, but if you knew where to look, you could find it. Among the gays:

The first award of the evening went to Mo’Nique for best supporting actress in a motion picture for Precious from gay director Lee Daniels. Mo’Nique paid special tribute to Daniels in her acceptance.

Best comedy series (TV) went to the very gay Glee … after out actress Jane Lynch lost out on best supporting actress.

Best supporting actress (TV) ended up going to Chloe Sevigny, who thanked the gay couple who created the series.

Mad Men won best drama series (TV). The AMC show contains several gay storylines.

The very gay-friendly 30 Rock won best comedy series and actor Alec Baldwin.

In another way, the best comedy film award went to The Hangover, a terrible piece of hetero-tripe that included nasty a gay stereotype.

Best line of the evening: Host Ricky Gervais, holding a beer, said, “I enjoy a drink as much as the next man… unless the next man is Mel Gibson.” Gibson then emerged to present the best director trophy.

Interestingly enough, they spread the love. Only two TV shows (Dexter and Grey Gardens) and three films (Avatar, Up and Crazy Heart) won more than one Globe — and only two each, at that.как продвигать в социальных сетяхгугл оптимизация сайта