Linda Harvey has made it her mission to tell lesbians and gays that they aren’t real parents and their sexuality harms their children

D’Anne WitkowskiHey, did you hear that former Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro recently became a grandpa? That’s nice for him. The end.

At least that’s how the story should go, but it doesn’t. Why? Because Petro’s daughter is a lesbian. And Linda Harvey of Mission: America thinks that God wants her to use this otherwise joyous occasion to call Petro’s daughter, and all of the other gay or lesbian parents out there, child abusers who don’t love their kids.

And how are gay and lesbian parents abusing their children? Simply by being gay or lesbian.

And don’t you go trying any of that “all you need is love” bullshit, either.

“Because if same-sex relationships are all about love, why are people bringing a third, unknown party into a relationship to be the ‘father’ or ‘mother’ behind the curtain? When this kind of love means you can never conceive a new human with the person you love, isn’t this is a big clue that things were never supposed to be this way?”

Harvey seems to be forgetting that there is more to a relationship than meeting some kind of sexual reproduction quotas.

In a particularly nasty move, Harvey claims that since Petro’s daughter is not the birth mother, Petro isn’t really a grandfather. And his daughter certainly isn’t a mother.

“[T]he Petros now have a grandson, and they are publicly cooing as most new grandparents do. Ecstatic or not, the reality is, this baby is actually the Petros’ adopted grandchild — no blood relation — because their daughter’s partner was the birth mother. The father? At the time of this writing, no one has said. Friend? Sperm donor?

Who knows?”

I would add “who cares?” to that list of questions. It certainly isn’t any of Harvey’s business.

But Harvey is determined to make it her business. She is particularly concerned that the Petros’ grandchild is a boy being raised by two women.

She bemoans the lack of an “identifiable father in a boy’s life, offering heritage, caretaking, known genetic background, wisdom, financial support, spiritual guidance.”

She also claims, “Dadlessness is a significant deficit in a child’s life, but to do it deliberately, cavalierly, is close to child abuse. Every child deserves to know mom and dad. Homosexual parenting, deliberately excluding either a mom or dad, does not make sense, child-welfare-wise, and is frankly, cruel.”

Is it close to child abuse or is it actually child abuse? Make up your mind, Harvey!

Never mind that reputable studies have proven that having two parents of the same sex does not endanger child welfare. That kind of information isn’t useful to Harvey because she clearly shuns any and all data that disrupts her “gay parents are terrible” narrative.

And why do gays and lesbians want children to begin with? Because kids just love parades! Harvey writes, “The adults are the central figures in a play about ‘making me happy according to what I think I want today.’ The kids are essentially props to be trotted out, sadly, at events like ‘pride’ parades. Yet at some point, children are not stupid and will figure this out.”

That’s right. Gays and lesbians are fickle, especially when it comes to children (I mean, just think of how often gays and lesbians have unintended pregnancies). At some point the kids of gay and lesbian parents are going to wise up to their role as fun props promoting the homosexual lifestyle. And then all of these kids are going to march over to Harvey’s house to demand asylum. Hope she has some air mattresses.

D’Anne Witkowski has been gay for pay since 2003. She’s a freelance writer and poet. When she’s not taking on the creeps of the world she reviews rock and roll shows in Detroit with her twin sister and teaches writing at the University of Michigan. 

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition October 11,, 2013.