UPDATE @ 10:29 AM: Key tweet from Scott Wooledge who was on the Hill:

.@LtDanChoi ask Deputy Chief of Staff if @HarryReid will commit to repealing #DADT in lame duck: “I don’t know.” http://yfrog.com/7b7epij

What a mess. (UPDATE @ 12:05PM: I deleted a tweet that apparently cited the wrong name of a staffer.)
UPDATE @ 10:16 AM: Latest tweet from GetEQUAL doesn’t bode well:

Leaving Sen Reid’s office with no answers – LGBT servicemembers are asking for their jobs back and the Senator has no response.

The servicemembers were trying to ascertain when exactly the Defense bill will be on the Senate floor in the lame duck session. As The Hill reported today, “Much depends on how Reid handles the issue.” Looks like no one has been arrested — so far.
Via GetEQUAL’s tweets, the servicemembers who attended the vigil this morning are now on Capitol Hill. They are at Senator Reid’s office “to ask him when he will show leadership in repealing #DADT.” And, there is the matter of Dan Choi’s West Point ring. At Netroots Nation, Choi gave Reid the ring — and Reid promised to return it when the law was repealed. Not seeing that happen anytime soon.

I’m told six Capitol Hill police officers, holding zip-ties, were waiting at Reid’s office when the group arrived. (Note: This isn’t Reid’s Majority Leader’s office in the Capitol. It’s his Senate office in the Hart Senate Office building.)

Here’s a photo sent by Sean Carlson.

And, Dan Choi talking to Reid staffers:

We’ll update this as event unfold.