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Celebrity stylist Colin Megaro offers practical packing advice for space-conscious honeymooners — or anyone wanting a carefree getaway

FUN PACKER | Fashion consultant Colin Megaro can make your honeymoon (or non-nuptial summer getaway) go smoothly — in the suitcase, at least.

The capstone of any wedding is, of course, the honeymoon … and it’s no problem that wedding season falls during the busy summer travel months. Trips to Lauderdale and Key West or even mountain resorts for cool off-season adventures are in the works for couples in wedded bliss … or even those happily single.

But wherever you end up, you gotta pack to get there.

Celebrity stylist Colin Megaro is a regular fixture on the fashion scene, best known for creating the idea of Shop Your Closet. He’s styled best-dressed actors include Carrie Preston (True Blood), Michael Emerson (Lost) and Julie Benz (Dexter). We asked Colin to offer up some faboo advice for the fashionable gay clotheshorse for getting all of your couture to your destination in style and efficiency. Here’s what he advised.

For more tips, visit ColinMegaro.com

It’s that time of year when we are all dreaming of a summer vacation. I know I am, because this boy needs a tan and a cocktail. Some of you even might honeymoon.

But before you’re sipping cosmos poolside you’re going to need to pack a suitcase — and if you’re like me, more then just the one. So how can you pack a suitcase that maximizes your space and doesn’t crush your clothes? Here are some fabulous packing tips to help get you on your way to that sizzling summer trip.

Roll — don’t fold — your clothes. This method has been used by the military and backpackers for years. Personally I prefer five-star resorts and have never been in the military or backpacking in my life, but this is the best space saving method available. I even use it for my t-shirts and polos at home.

Roll your shorts, pants, short sleeve shirts and undergarments. For shirts, fold your sleeves in and then roll from the bottom up.

Tissue paper. This tip comes from my grandmother and is a great practice for delicate items such as silks, satins and evening wear. Grab some tissue, lay your piece of clothing on it then carefully fold it item around the tissue paper …just like how items are returned from the dry cleaner. Then use an additional piece of tissue to enclose the item. When unpacking either re-wrap carefully with the same piece, travel with extra tissue paper or pick some up at your destination. (A dollar store is a great place to stock up.) A bonus tip for tissue paper: Use it to blot your face.

Tear a piece off to freshen your face when you are out touring that hot exotic locale.

Water-proof your leakables and linkables. Head to the kitchen, open your utility drawer and pull out some Ziploc bags. They are not just for keeping food fresh — when packing they help keep like items together, cut down on suitcase bulk and keep things from spilling so you arrive at your destination with your items fresh and in place.

Bag the shoes — and pack them first. Dropping your Ferragamos in bags or dust covers protects them and helps not to transfer polish or color to your clothing.

If you pack like I do and travel with at least six pairs of shoes, you are going to have to pack smartly. Always put shoes at the bottom of your bags. Remember to pack shoes that actually coordinate with your outfits and are suitable for where you are traveling to — riding boots at the beach is not a good look.

Finally, it’s always a good idea to place heavy items on the bottom of your suitcase. This will keep lighter items from getting crushed and also keep your suitcase from toppling over.

Now get out there plan a vacation and pack a suitcase that is stress free and fabulously filled. Don’t forget to send me pictures so I can giggle at your tan lines and crazy adventures.

Committed canines
Dogs need love, too … but a wedding? Well, why not? At least Wüf Pet Resort & Spa thinks so. In its second annual A Wüf Wedding, proud pooch parents can have their dog betrothed to their puppy love.  As a sign of lifelong commitment, biscuits will be exchanged.

This is no joke. The nuptials will have a minister of mutt’rimony officiating, a walk down the aisle and finishes off with a reception complete with DJ and wedding cake.

The event benefits animal rescue group Paws in the City.

— Rich Lopez

Lee Park, 3625 N. Hall St. May 20 at 6:30 p.m. WufSpa.com.


If the journey and not the destination is part of your style, then any wedding party should encompass the wheels to make your day spectacular. That’s where Platinum Motorcars comes in.

The exotic car rental company offers an "R&R" package — and that’s both for "rest & relaxation" and "Rolls Royce," meaning the gorgeous Phantom auto. At nearly $2,000 for a day’s rental — including a complimentary chauffeur  — it’s an extravagance. But then, when you involve Rolls Royce, extravagant is what you’re looking for. (Platinum also has other luxury wheels for rental if the Rolls is outside your budget — or your style.)

The package also includes a one-bedroom suite at Hotel Zaza, a couples Swedish massage, a three-course dinner at Dragonfly and more perks.

— Arnold Wayne Jones

Platinum Motorcars, 11430 North Central Expressway. 469-374-9090.

This article appeared in the Pride Weddings 2010 special section in the Dallas Voice print edition May 7, 2010.
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