His name is Andy Mills, and he’s an event planner in New York City. Andy, created by the Tonner Doll Co., sports a Cami & Jon product line, stands 17 inches tall and retails for $179.99. From the press release:

“With the recent tragic suicides among gay youth, we thought it was beyond time to represent a positive gay role model,” [CEO Robert] Tonner affirmed.

In conjunction with his release, Andy’s story will be told in a series on the Tonner Doll Company website, TONNERDirect.com, and on Facebook. Though Andy Mills is a gay character, his storyline is about young New York: lifestyle, business, friends and fashion.

According to the company, Andy Mills may not be every man, or every gay man for that matter, but he will be a regular guy who works for a living, has great friends, embraces life, and happens to be gay. His storyline will include much about the trials and tribulations of owning an event planning business in New York, and the people he meets along the way.