What started out a simple friendly project has turned into an endeavor that’s likely to entice and do some good. Giovanni Ramirez teamed up with local photographer Tom Rubeck to create the upcoming calendar Boyish to Bearish.

“We’re still working on our release date but we’re expecting to get it printed and running on the site by August,” Ramirez said.

But he did release this image as a teaser to “get the pot stirring.” And does it. But the intent isn’t to appeal to just the bears or just the boys.

“When we came up with the idea of doing a calendar, we wanted to showcase your average man that didn’t fit into the genres out there i.e. bear, twink, etc.

This is Ramirez’s first project in this regard. But he has good intentions to not just let it be another beefcake calendar. This one is shooting to give back. Ramirez is in talks with a local nonprofit agency to donate proceeds from the calendar to. Although the agency has been decided on, he’s waiting to release the name until all the proper paperwork is finalized. The agency is based within the community.

“Some of us have done charity work and volunteered, but together, we can do something bigger,” he said.

Pulling together his friends, Ramirez likes the fact that there is a fair representation of the everyday guy and that in essence, it’s a community-based calendar. All the guys are from Dallas.

“It was fun to do it and we really never thought it would be for distribution — just sort of a thing for friends. But with the positive feedback, I had my lightbulb moment. All the calendars in stores are so similar. This could be different,” he said.

Currently the website is still in construction and I will update once it goes live.