Congrats to today’s winner of the Monica Nolan books from yesterday. I have another duo of books to put in the mix for today.

LGBT and feminist book publisher Cleis Press is behind the book Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Lusts by  Mitzi Szereto which amps up the heat in this Jane Austen retelling. More erotic than queer, the book assures “plenty of good old-fashioned bodice ripping.” Cleis also released Silk, by fashion journalist Rupert James who also writes gay erotica under the name James Lear. Cleis describes Silk as a riotous romp of straight, bi and queer love triangles that will capture and keep your attention. But I prefer Tilly Bagshawe’s take from Elle Magazine on the book.

“If you secretly wish Dynasty had never ended, this is the book for you.”

Yes, please! Email me here with “Duet for one” in the subject line and I’ll randomly select a winner for tomorrow.