For this week’s Literary Issue, I thought I’d expand on the theme by giving away a book a day (sans weekends) until next week’s ish hits the stands. And if you think I’m just trying to clean out my shelves, well you are just darn wrong. Absolutely. But I do have a small collection of LGBT-written books that I’m more than glad to share with you.

Kicking off the giveaways with a bang, I have a  copy of Simon Doonan’s cheeky book Gay Men Don’t Get Fat — in hardback! Released in January, Doonan takes a witty look at the fabulous quotient that befalls every gay man and teaches how to execute it with precision. Hey, we need these life lessons, even if we think we know them and Doonan qualifies after imparting his expertise on America’s Next Top Model, and as the creative director for Barneys New York. OK, just have fun with the book. From

Simon Doonan knows that when it comes to style, the gays are the chosen people. A second anthropological truth comes to him midway through a turkey burger with no bun, at an otherwise hetero barbecue: Do the straight people have any idea how many calories are in the guacamole? In this hilarious discourse on and guide to the well-lived life, Doonan goes far beyond the secrets to eating like the French—he proves that gay men really are French women, from their delight in fashion, to their brilliant choices in accessories and décor, to their awe-inspiring ability to limit calorie intake. A Gucci-wearing Margaret Mead at heart, Doonan offers his own inimitable life experiences and uncanny insights into makes gay people driven to live every day feeling their best, and proves that they have just as much—and possibly better—wisdom, advice, and inspiration beyond the same old diet and exercise tips.

So put down that bag of Pirate’s Booty and pick up this fierce and fabulous book. From slimming jaunts through Capri in the evening to an intrepid “Bear” hunt (if you have to ask, you have to read this book and find out for yourself), Gay Men Don’t Get Fat is the ultimate approach to a glamorous lifestyle—plus, you are guaranteed to laugh away the pounds!

You want? Sure. For my sole copy of the book, email me here with “Fat Chance” in the subject line. Easy.