Bears worldwide are likely enjoying the proclivity of indie bands and their overly bearded members. It’s a whole thing. From the Avett Brothers to Bon Iver, you can’t throw a stick far enough across the music landscape nowadays without snagging a few whiskers.

But sometimes you have to separate the men from the boys, which local band Hello Lover does quite nicely — mostly with strapping daddy lead singer Rob Dunlap (guess which one he is). The Oak Cliff-based band describes themselves as “sex rock.” We’re good with that. Bears, sex and rock ‘n’ roll — isn’t that how it goes?

Thanks to the guys at the Prophet Bar, we have three pairs of tickets to give away to Friday night’s show. Email me here with “Hello Lover” in the subject line to see the scruffers up close. Hello Lover headlines with Home Wrecker, Stew, Jefferson Colby also on the bill.