In 1992 televangelist & radio host Harold Camping suggested in his book 1994? that Judgment Day would happen somewhere between September 15 and 17, 1994. He does not know the exact day because Scripture says ‘no man knows the day nor the hour’ (Matt. 24:36). But according to Camping we can certainly know the month and the year that Christ will return.”

Botched that one.  But now the scamster is back with a New! Improved! endtimes date of May 21, 2011 that he’s super sure of because God has provided an unmistakable sign: Gay Pride: Planned by God as a Sign of the End.  Got that?  Gay pride is the work of God!  Camping’s radical-right colleagues have got to be choking on that one.  Not to mention Camping says that true believers should abandon the churches.


The world-wide success of the Gay Pride/Same Sex Marriage movement is a dramatic sign provided by God to warn the world that the world is on the threshold of Judgment Day.

In the Bible God has given a number of signs to warn the world that Judgment Day and the end of the world are very close. …But no sign is as dramatic and clear as the phenomenal world-wide success of the Gay Pride movement. In the Bible God describes His involvement with this dramatic movement. Remember, each and every word in the original languages of the Bible came from the lips of God. [snip]

Thus in Romans 1:24 and 1:26 God is declaring that God planned to deliver up the world to gross homosexual and lesbian activity.

How strange! Why would God do this?  …[I]t is God’s mercy that normally He restrains the natural tendencies of mankind to be extremely sinful. …Because of what God teaches us in Romans 1:24-27 of the Bible, we can know that the present day phenomenon of the Gay Pride movement is a result of the fact that God has removed His restraints on sin. As a result an otherwise shameful and unique sin such as homosexuality has become widely practiced and accepted by mankind.

Thus we learn that God has planned today’s situation of Gay Pride and same-sex marriages to show the world that it is on the threshold of Judgment Day. He has shown us that an obviously parallel situation exists between Sodom, when it was on the threshold of destruction, and the world of our day, which is on the threshold of destruction.

Both have the public unique sin of homosexuality (going after strange flesh) loudly and proudly displayed. …

Therefore we can know that by means of the continuing worldwide successes of the Gay Pride, same-sex marriage movement, God has given convincing evidence that the world is on the

threshold of Judgment Day.

This conclusion is not offered because it is the opinion of some Bible scholar. It is said because this is what God teaches in the Bible. This dramatic sign which increasingly is in evidence all over the world fits perfectly with the solid Biblical teaching that May 21, 2011 will be the first day of the Day of Judgment.

But here’s the real question: If Judgment Day is only 6 months away, why is Mr. Camping accepting recurring donations?  Does he think he can take it with him?  Or does it have more to do with his encouraging people to leave the churches to fulfill prophecy?  Because if they did there’d undoubtedly be more ka-ching! in the world for him.  One wonders whether Camping’s method of calculating the date of rapture isn’t the only creative number-crunching going on.  As we all know, vilifying gays is a reliable cash cow for the religious right.
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