God Hates Jews

Has God Hates Fags run its course? Fred Phelps seems to have a new target. Or maybe just an additional target.

This week Congregation Beth El Binah, Dallas’ LGBT Jewish congregation, received a package labeled “Obama Hates Israel.” The return address was simply “WBC” with a Topeka, Kan., address. “WBC” is Westboro Baptist Church.

The DVD inside the package is labeled “Jews Killed Jesus.”

Before putting the DVD into my computer, I’m waiting for our IT person because I’m afraid it may contain a virus. He’ll be here Tuesday. I’ll let you know what kind of hate is on the DVD then.

But what a great target Beth El Binah makes for Fred Phelps. LGBT and Jewish. Makes me very proud to be a member. And BEB’s vice president is African American. Even better! But does Fred hate blacks the way he does Jews and gays?

Maybe not, according to a CNN profile that ran today about a noted civil rights attorney from the 1960s who fought passionately for the rights of blacks until he was disbarred for witness badgering in 1979.

He was a ‘brilliant’ civil rights attorney in the 1960s who would take on racial discrimination cases that no other lawyers would touch, say longtime African-American civic leaders in Topeka.

The civil rights attorney was none other than Fred Phelps, whom CNN describes as the leader of “America’s most hated family.”

Phelps’ daughter Shirley is also an attorney who does most of the family’s litigation, including a recent case in which the father of a soldier killed in Iraq will have to pay the Phelps family’s court costs.

Shirley claims the difference between LGBT and racial inequality is “God never said it was an abomination to be black.”

Mark Potok from the Southern Poverty Law Center pointed out that Phelps regularly spews anti-Semitism. And Phelps’ estranged son said his father held racist views even while working as a civil rights attorney.подобрать ключевые словаразместить сайт в google