Statue that burned to the ground
Statue that burned to the ground

Apparently God meant it when she said, “No graven images.” (It’s a Top 10 when it comes to commandments. Numero 4, a big one. You can check out this and the other commandments in that source for all things holy and everything else, Wikipedia.)

A 62-foot tall statue of Jesus was struck by lightning and burned to the ground last night in Monroe, Ohio, a city 30 miles north of Cincinnati.

The statue was erected in 2004 by the evangelical Solid Rock Church. It cost $250,000. Apparently God smote their website as well, because it has been down today, according to an AP story in the Houston Chronicle.

The statue was dubbed “Touchdown Jesus” because the position of the arms resembles a football referee signaling a touchdown.

Made of foam over a steel frame, only the steel frame remains.

God has proven that she has a great sense of humor when it comes to people thinking they speak for her.

When Pat Robertson predicted hurricanes would strike Orlando if Disney continued to host Gay Days, the first hurricane that year came on shore near Virginia Beach, home of Robertson’s ministry.

And I’m just waiting for the first person to comment about my use of the feminine pronoun. I hope you have a good working knowledge of Hebrew, though, before you do.

UPDATE: The Solid Rock Church announced this afternoon that they’ll rebuild Jesus, according to the Dayton Business Journal. An additional $400-500,000 in damage was done to the church’s amphitheater from flames that started in the flammable statue. Work on rebuilding the sculpture will probably take three months or more, they estimated.

Hustler Video at 1038 Lebanon St. is 1.2 miles from the church, according to Google maps. Their sign that stands on a tall pole remained untouched in the lightning storm.