The following is from HRC Field Fellow Errin E. Doyle:

The New York state Senate race for the 58th District is heating up and HRC endorsed candidate, Tim Kennedy, has a headquarters full of HRC volunteers helping to spread his pledge to change the way business is done in our capital.  Less than two weeks before Election Day, Tim’s grassroots efforts are being supported by volunteers from all over western New York.

My experience as an HRC Field Fellow is teaching me a tremendous amount about political campaigns and community organizing.  Assembling HRC and community members alike has been a chief focus of my work with the campaign.  I’ve been able to reach out through traditional methods like calls and emails, as well as blogging through blogging here at Back Story.

It just so happens that one of these blogs was read and well-received by Jacob Edmister, a western New Yorker who responded to our call to action by signing up to volunteer with Kennedy’s team.  Together, we canvassed Buffalo neighborhoods, convincing others to join the worthy cause.

We all continue to make phone calls to people in the district, ushering in volunteers and prospective votes.  To increase the numbers, large phone banks are being held at headquarters on a regular basis, including a great one last night.  All are welcome to join our push to elect Tim Kennedy for New York’s 58th Senate District.

If you’re in the Buffalo area and interested in meeting other HRC members and volunteering on a strong, pro-equality campaign, please contact Regional Field Organizer David Contreras Turley at 202.330.3790 for more information.

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