Part of me wonders why anyone who lives in Texas ever plans to do anything outdoors between Memorial Day and Labor Day. But then you have a nice event like Sunday’s Chefs’ Picnic at the Lake, and you know.

The food-a-thon started Saturday with a series of events — brunch to late-dinner — and concluded Sunday with a well-attended but still fairly intimate barbecue, all hosted by top local chefs. Sunday’s picnic, commemorating the centennial of White Rock Lake, featured fresh Texas peaches, watermelon salad, orzo, baked beans, grilled chicken, beef brisket and delicious housemade salad from host-chef Brian C. Luscher of The Grape (pictured with Parigi’s Janice Provost). There were also banana puddings, cupcakes and best of all: Iced tea vodka from Deep Eddy. And I managed to stay in the shade most of the time with a breeze off the water.