I got a notice this morning from Fort Woof Dog Park that Gollum the greyhound is home.

On Wednesday, I blogged here about Gollum, the Italian greyhound who had been missing since Monday afternoon when his owner, Andrea Benua, drowned in a partially frozen pond in Fort Worth as she was trying to save her other two dogs, a Rottweiler puppy and another greyhound, who had fallen through the ice.

Gollum went for help and led an animal control to the side of the pond where Mrs. Benua had left her jacket and other belongings. Searchers found her body in the pond 2 hours later. But Gollum went missing then.

Friday afternoon, though, builders in the north Fort Worth neighborhood near the Benua home. They caught Gollum and returned him to Mrs. Benua’s husband.наполнениезаказать рекламу в гугле