The LGBT boycott of Plano-based Cinemark over CEO Alan Stock’s $10,000 contribution in support of Prop 8 appears to be gaining steam. The Bay Area Reporter, the LGBT paper in San Francisco, published an extensive article about the boycott last week, and The New York Times touched on the issue in this article published on Saturday. As the Times article notes, the boycott coincides with the release of “Milk,” which reportedly is scheduled to show in some theaters owned by Cinemark. In response, activists have launched a Web site, No Milk For Cinemark, urging people to see the film at gay-friendly theaters. Incidentally, “Milk” is scheduled to open in Dallas on Wednesday at the Angelika (not a Cinemark theater), but there’s no word on whether it will be showing at CInemark theaters locally when it opens in wider release. For more on the Cinemark situation, see Friday’s Dallas Voice.tokarev-sgпродвижение и раскрутка сайта одесса