If the Real Housewives of the Grammys was a show, I’d cast so far, Sheryl Crow and Toni Braxton. Who else?

Bon Jovi is milking this “first performance on the Grammys” thing. I’m almost feeling guilty for not voting for a song they should perform. But you still can! In the meantime, they’ll sing non-hits. Is that Sugarland chick singing with the Jersey boys? Or did Melissa Etheridge go fem?

OK, no more voting for the Bon Jovi song of the night. Surprise — “Livin’ On a Prayer.” All two minutes of it.

Best Rap/Song collab. Rihanna, Jay-Z and Kanye. And Jay-Z takes Will Smith’s kid up to the podium.купить статьи копирайтингкак разместить рекламу в яндексе