Ugh. Well, I’ve been attempting to post for the last 30 minutes and I’ve missed a lot. So, let me see where we are.

Stephen Colbert won for best comedy. I thought he was the host but was wrong. Rooted for Kathy Griffin but either way, it’s more celebrity material for her.

Record of the Year goes to Kings of Leon. KXT overloaded me with them so this is a bit meh for me.

Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t understand overexposure and introduces The Soloist costar Jamie Foxx. Foxx was anything but when a slew of people I couldn’t recognize (save for Slash) recreated a Parliament/Funkadelic live show.

I have a Ke$ha joke somewhere but can’t find it .разместить рекламу на гуглераскрутка сайта в сети