The Gray Pride Prom took place at Resource Center on Saturday, May 13.

People 50 and older celebrated — some, like organizer Portia Cantrell, by going to a prom for the first time. Others, who were not allowed to bring a same-sex date in high school, did on this night. Trans people attended as their correct gender, something they couldn’t have done when they were in high school.

Cantrell’s wife said she wasn’t going to attend unless she got a proper promposal. So Cantrell tricked her wife into coming down to Resource Center the week before the prom with a story that Dallas Voice was doing a follow up to the original story and needed her there. When she entered Resource Center, a line of 11 men were waiting for her with roses, each asking her to the prom. When she got to end of the line, Cantrell asked her to the prom and gave her a dozen roses.

Her wife said yes.