Unsightly furnishings gets a new life thanks to Leslie Pritchard


Again and Again proprietor Leslie Pritchard turns furniture from drab to fab. This black sofa took on an entirely different look after Pritchard got ahold of it. (Courtesy Again and Again)

By Rich Lopez

With a staggeringly huge warehouse in the Design District, Again and Again has become a key resource for one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture — with a twist. Their selection of furniture and accessories isn’t by any means brand new. Which is where most of the charm lies. Each piece has been repurposed from something older and a little worn into something fabulous and renewed.

The force behind Again and Again is Leslie Pritchard and she’s made it her mission to ensure no furniture piece is left behind.

“Everyday, furniture is thrown away and labeled trash, when most are reusable and can be given new life with a bit of imagination and creativity,” she says on her website. “A new consciousness of eco-design and green living is gaining momentum and we’re excited to be part of that movement.”

Green living tends to sound like space-age-looking furniture against a minimalist setting with something like a patch of grass growing through the floor. But Pritchard’s selections are far from it. She turns blah wooden nightstands into chic white tables with a bit of added, modern flair. An outdated print over a plush chair is reborn with simple lines and new fabric perfect for any downtown loft. Pritchard does this out of passion for vintage furnishings and stylistic interiors, but also because she’d rather do this than get a real job.

Pritchard and a team of craftsmen work with the basic structure and curves of a piece, but apply modern touches, bringing the piece up to date. Fabrics are switched out with more chic prints and solids and sometimes, the body is restructured for an entirely different vibe. All this is done on site and Pritchard proudly claims the bold looks of the redos.

Eco-Furnishings-2“We do facelifts with white, black or bright yellow paint,” she states. “Our modern upholstery comes in shades of turquoise, hot pink or chartreuse.”

The idea isn’t just a unique piece, but also, in her philosophy, a vitally green alternative to going out and purchasing mass-produced furniture. For Pritchard, it’s a small way to reduce impact on the planet.

Eco-Furnishings-3Again and Again isn’t all about the reinvention of tossed out pieces. Pritchard and company can also breathe new life into your own furniture. The shop offers such services as lacquering, reupholstering, repair and staining. And if you need some added details to your room, they also created an original line of pillows from high-end fabric choices. Just choose your favorite and the rest is history — or a refashioned version of it.

Again and Again, 114 Howell St. 214-746-6300. AgainAndAgain.com


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This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition April 20, 2012.