Greenland’s largest city, Nuuk

Greenland’s parliament has voted unanimously to legalize same-sex marriage. The country has had civil unions since 1996.

Greenland, the largest island in the world (Australia is a continent, not an island), is a self-governing country with a population of 57,000 within the Kingdom of Denmark. Denmark was the first country to recognize same-sex relationships when it passed a civil union law in 1989, but didn’t offer marriage equality until 2012.

The marriage equality law comes into effect Oct. 1.

This has been a good week for marriage equality. On Saturday, Ireland passed a marriage equality referendum with 62 percent of the vote in an election with heavy voter turnout.

Although there are only 16,000 people in Nuuk, they celebrate Nuuk Pride. Here’s a video from 2014 Nuuk Pride: