Remedy_©Marple_MARP0082In the current issue of Dallas Voice, I pick my top new restaurants of 2014, and on the list is Clark, one of the latest entries in the Lower Greenville foodie scene, which is undergoing its first real renaissance in 20 years.  My 2013 list include H&G SPLY Co. on the top, also along the strip. Now as further proof that this is a hip place to be, the latest place to open, Remedy (owner by H&G’s Elias Pope), made a surprise debut on Jan. 2. The kitchen is led by Danyele McPherson, a one-time Top Chef contestant who used to star in a kitchen just up the street, at The Grape, long one of Dallas’ most cherished bistros.

Remedy bills itself as modern dining with a hospitality-driven approach, and among the draws will be the beverage program, let my Mate Hartai, pictured. Currently opened for dinner and late-night, it plans to open for lunch “within the month” (famous last words, but we’ll burn a candle).

Before too long, Remedy and the rest will have another neighbor when Clark’s owner opens C’viche Tequila Bar.